Rally Ready Tips

Are you going to Rally? Not sure what to expect?

Horse Management is Part of Every Rally

The whole idea behind horse management is keeping both you and your horse safe and happy. If something should happen to you, then your preparations according to HM guidelines will allow anybody to come in and take care of your horse. It also allows the stable manager to be more efficient in helping you. Remember the stable manager is not your personal assistant.

You should read:

  • Your USPC manual

  • Your HM Rulebook

  • The HM Amplification

  • The Discipline Rulebook

This is simply for reinforcing what you should have already read and have been practicing in your day to day riding and horse management. Follow the HM rules at home and the rally will be second nature! You should be taking care of your tack on at least a weekly basis as HM can spot a Thursday night rally cleanup a mile away. Turn backs are something that should be practiced after EVERY ride for the comfort and health of your pony.

​-Always arrive at the barns when they officially open to feed your horse, muck your stall, and prepare for the day. Even if your ride isn’t until 10:00, you can help your teammates

-Keep aisle swept or raked in front of your team’s stalls. If your horse poops, clean it up, no matter where it is. It’s not the stable manager’s job to clean up after you or your horse.

-No running in the barn area, no sitting down while grazing your horse, no talking/texting on your cell phone while holding or around a horse, and no fighting with teammates even if it is your brother or sister!


Be on Time!

Find Stall, unload efficiently!

The rally program including ride times and schedule will be sent out prior to the start of the rally. Stall assignments should be included.

Get detailed directions to the Rally location and stabling entrance before you leave home. Keep in mind that GPS may not be reliable due to satellite/signal deficiencies.

Stall assignments should be posted at facility entrance or end of barn. Names are usually on the stall as well.

Parents can help unload or hold horse but not set up.

Take care of your horse then check in and get your packet and pinnie at the show office.