Feed Room Setup

Feed Stall Setup

Set up your Feed Stall as if someone else was going to feed your horse.

Feed stall door must remain closed and latched at ALL times.

Muck bucket should be in the corner if organizers request them to be stored in feed stall. Your pitchfork and broom should be tied together when not in use.

All hay must be labeled with your name or competitor and horse’s name. This can be on the wall above your hay bale or on the hay string itself.

After getting hay for a feeding, RETIE your hay bale so feed room stays neat.

All feed must be packaged in accordance with the Horse Management Rulebook (page 24) with horse’s and competitor’s name. If individually packaged, label which meal…i.e. Fri PM or Sat AM. Best practice is to use paper lunch sacks labeled and taped shut. Bring additional feed servings labeled “extra”. If non-prepackaged, weight of scoop must be predetermined and listed on feed chart. All feed must be placed in a container with a locking or tied lid.

Feed chart requires name, competitor number, horse’s name, stall # and which feeding….AM and PM listed. Weight to volume conversion must be listed on feed chart if volume is listed. Bring the scoop with which you measure out your feed. If something happens to the feed at rally you need a way to measure when you buy more. You may NOT use a measure that is “scoops”. Every scoop is different, so use cups, quarts, etc. to describe your volume. Your scoop can be marked with a permanent marker with your measurement.

Hay flakes must be WEIGHED and noted on feed chart. Flakes differ in size. If your pony grazes all day, keep hay in front of her in the stall. Putting “free choice” hay on the feed chart allows the night watch to add hay at night if there isn’t any. Also note if “free choice” is used you may incur HM points if pony runs out of hay during the day.

Bring salt, plain block white, brown mineral, or loose salt. Note whether it is loose or block on feed chart. Bring a holder for it to be tied to the stall or put it in the feed bucket. Himalayan salt on a rope is convenient.

Keep feed stall neat and tidy with stray hay swept up.