Why do I have to wear a medical armband or bracelet?

Per USPC Policy 0800.D, USPC requires that members participating in any USPC affiliated mounted or unmounted activity must wear either a Medical Armband or Medical Bracelet during the activity. The member may choose which one to wear. 

Medical Armbands must include a current completed copy of the individual's USPC Medical Release or USEA Medical Card. It must be worn on the upper arm. If the member has small arms, they may safety pin the armband to their upper sleeve. Armbands are available for purchase from Shop Pony Club, Amazon, M&M Tack Shop, and Dover Saddlery.

Medical Bracelets must include the following information:

• Name

• Date of Birth

• Emergency Contact Information

• Known Allergies

• Current Medications

• Existing Medical Conditions

Bracelets are avialable for purchase from Shop Pony Club, SmartPak, RideSafe, and RoadID.  RoadID has youth sized bracelets for the member that has small wrists.  

Do I have to wear a Safety Vest?

USPC Policy 0800.E requires wearing a properly fitted body protection whenever a member is jumping cross-

country/solid obstacles. Information regarding vest fit and certifications are available on the Safety page of the USPC website, USPC Safety Booklet and USPC Horse Management Handbook.

Can I wear an air-vest?

Use of inflatable vests is at this time a personal decision on the part of members and their parents. Most air-vests are designed to be used in conjunction with a safety vest and do not take the place of a properly fitted body protector, unless the vest is designed to also meet body protector standards.