Stall Set Up Tips

Horse’s Stall List

Before putting your horse in the stall, look for nails, staples, sharp places, or loose boards on the inside and around the door. Hammer them in or use pliers to remove them. Also think about covering them with a piece of duct tape. Check to make sure your door latches properly.

Hang completed stall card where it will not be covered by other equipment. Plastic sleeves can help protect it from moisture.

You need 5 buckets…. 2 water (always full), one feed bucket, one top off bucket, and one wash bucket. Label all of them. Duct tape works well. Water buckets can be hung with twine and double ended snaps with top at point of horse’s shoulder. Other methods are accepted, refer to Page 20 & 21 of HM Rulebook. All clips should point inwards.

The top off bucket must be 5 gallons. It is for the night checkers to top-off water buckets at night. Make sure that it is full outside your horse’s stall when you leave in the evening, and that both water buckets are full before you go. In the morning, the top off bucket should be emptied, and put away in your tack or feed stall.

If you use a ground feed pan (labeled) for your horse, remove it after feeding, clean it, and store in the feed room. Put it on top of your hay and the HMJ will know why you only have 2 buckets in your stall instead of three. If left in stall after feeding for a slow eater, this must be noted on stall card.

Your horse’s halter must be a breakaway halter and labeled with your name or competitor number and stall number. It should be on your horse at all times unless he is bridled.

When setting up your horse stall, you may tie a loop of twine to the stall bars or chain link. Use this when tying up your horse.

Lead ropes must be labeled. When the lead rope and halter are not in use, they must be hung on or near the door or through a twine loop. Do NOT leave your halter or lead rope lying on the ground.

Hay nets or bags must be hung high enough that when empty the opening does not hang below the point of your horse’s shoulder.

Any time you go into the stall, you must put the lead rope on your horse and loop it over his neck.

Blanket bars can be hung outside stall doors with clips or twine for blankets, sheets, and coolers.

Fans must be appropriately and safely hung. Ask HMJ for any unspecified rules regarding their use at briefing.

Do NOT latch the stall door when you are in the stall with your horse.

Do NOT leave your horse tied up and unattended.

When you take your horse out of the stall, the door must be closed and latched.

Check the shavings level each morning and add more shavings as necessary.

If you bring a hose, make sure it is labeled and rolled neatly away after use. Be aware that another team could use your hose, leave it in the aisle way, and then you get penalized.

Make sure isle ways clear, swept, raked, and clear of clutter. Muck buckets and tools are put away in designated storage area.

Make sure all grooming and miscellaneous equipment is put away before leaving stabling area with your horse.