Tack Room Setup Tips

Check the required equipment list and bring and label everything! There is no reason to lose points because you didn’t have something that was on the required equipment list.

Hang inside by the tack room door, low enough for shortest member to reach, a JACKKNIFE, FLASHLIGHT, & FIRE-EXTINGUISHER.

All saddle racks, bridle racks, coat racks, helmets racks, etc. must have the competitor numbers posted.

Secure team poster to tack room door which identifies all team members.

Bring an extra halter, girth, and bridle if you have the largest or smallest horse on the team. Average size extra equipment is in the kit. Extra equipment has to be cleaned to the highest certification level of the members on the team.

A neat, well-organized tack room is easier on everybody’s nerves. HM loves neat and tidy tack rooms. Pet peeves of HMJ’s include food or wrappers strewn all over the floor.

Make sure if you wear tall boots, that you have toe and calf boot trees. HMJ’s will check.

You must wear your pinney from the time you get there, until you leave. Hang your pinney on the designated hook when leaving the barns for the night.

Tack stall doors must be closed and latched when the team is away.

Notice boards must be visible and have each rider’s turnout and riding times listed.

Tack cleaning hook and sponge basket needs to be hung out of harm’s way.

Empty tack room garbage every evening.

Utilize shelving, hooks, and totes to keep tack room neat and tidy. Label if in closed containers.

Each member of the team needs to be familiar with the location of all required equipment.