The club encourages all members to consider participating in this unmounted rally as it promotes a deep understanding and familiarity with the material presented at each certification level. It does require preparation and the club is happy to assist by organizing virtual study group sessions and in - person if possible. However, you must declare your interest in Quiz Rally now! Should you ultimately decide not to participate in the Rally, the time spent in preparation will not have been wasted as it is all information you will be tested on in ratings and judged on in mounted rallies.

Please take a few minutes to complete the interest form in Quiz Rally and/or the preparatory sessions.

In order to provide the maximum number of prep sessions, please complete this form by

10 pm Monday, January 2nd.

Quiz Rally consists of five fun phases:

  1. Classroom phase: members are asked individual questions which they must answer orally in a specific amount of time.

  2. Stations phase: teams move through a variety of ‘stations’ and answer questions as a team. The stations may be written, hands-on, or even games.

  3. Mega Room phase: Teams move through a variety of 'stations' and answer questions individually. Mega-Room consists of tables with horse-related items displayed on them. All items in the Mega-Room phase are identified by matching them with an answer sheet given to each competitor.

  4. Barn phase: which is presented in a barn, or barn-like, setting. Members must be able to demonstrate something and many questions are hands-on. Each member is given an individual question before the team as a whole is given one.

  5. Written Test. This is an individual, multiple choice test each team member must complete. They are specific to the member’s certification and include a tie-breaker question at the end.