EnoWear Tees

When you wear your EnoWear Gear, your rider is no longer just one person riding a horse, you are part of a unit, which means you win together, you endure challenges together, but more importantly, you have fun together. There's a certain amount of pride that comes with wearing a team uniform and representing not just yourself but the Eno Triangle Pony Club team. It's a big responsibility because your actions reflect that of the entire club, so it's important to always do your best on and off the horse, the same that you'd expect of your teammates.

There's pride in being part of a team especially when you are often riding and competing alone; pride in yourself for riding and committing yourself to a team for a large amount of time, and pride in all the sacrifices you and your teammates put in. Riding horses is not easy, and for many, sacrifices must be made in the form of time, energy, and sometimes, missing out on other things that are happening at the same time. Every member should take pride in the dedication they put into the sport, and EnoWear Gear will help reflect that.

New this Year!  Eno Triangle Pony Club Tees!  

Orders will be collected until 6 am Monday, May 8th.